Stolen: A Letter To My Captor by Lucy Christopher – Book Review

Stolen  5 Stars

The basic outline of this book is a girl, Gemma, is kidnapped from a Bangkok airport and taken away to the Australian desert by her captor.   This book is a letter to her captor.

I was drawn in from the very beginning.   The writing has a way of pulling you in and keeping you reading to see what will happen next and how Gemma will be saved/rescued or will she?   I do not want to write the ending here.   The whole mystery of the book to me was how does this end.   I was not disappointed.

About the Author:

Lucy Christopher was born in Wales but grew up in Australia. She obtained an Undergraduate degree at Melbourne University. She moved to the UK to earn a distinction in a Creative Writing MA from Bath Spa University. The novel she wrote for this class, The Long Flight, was picked up by a publisher under a new name of FLYAWAY.

Lucy’s debut novel, Stolen, was written as part for her PhD degree. Stolen explores her thoughts on the Australian desert through the story about a teenage girl who is kidnapped and taken there.

Lucy is working on another teen novel. When she is not writing, Lucy spends her time daydreaming, emailing friends and horseback riding a mare named Topaz as well as helping to run a kid’s wildlife group at Newport Wetlands.

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