Among Others by Jo Walton – A review

AmongOthers  4 stars

This book got to me.

The main character is a young girl who’s survived a car accident but who’s life was shattered. She lives daily with chronic pain in a crippled leg and chronic pain in her heart because her sister was killed in the accident. As a result of that accident she is sent to live with her father, a man she had never met before, who left her mother because her mother was “mad”. This girl had grown up with her loving grandparents and extended family but now children’s services rules  that she is better off living with a biological father she has never met as opposed to extended aunts and uncles and relatives she has known her entire life.
Her father is just as confused with this new situation as she is. He and his aunts send her off to a boarding school where she doesn’t fit in. The only thing of comfort to her is her love of books and her belief in the world’s magic and fairie realm, that most people think overlook or out grow as they grow up and hurry on with their lives.

This book is written in diary form and like any real good diary, the story starts in the middle of a person’s life and is written about the todays and the hopes for the futures and the memories of the past. Like any good real diary it ends and you do not know what the next story will be or what the next line of the new diary will be. You only get to know what the writer of the diary wants to share and sometimes writing down events only is less painful than writing down feelings and memories.

This is one of those books where you get one of two lines written among many in a journal entry that seep out the pain, the hurt, the nature of the day, a piece of joy,the thoughts that dwell in the heart.

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