Seeds of a Daisy by Alison Caiola – A Review

Seeds of a Daisy  3.5 Stars
Wonderful little story about a actress who learns to think a little less of just herself when her Mum is critically injured in a car accident. A story about growing up and taking stock of what is important, even when you are an adult.

This is a very good fluff read. Don’t ever underestimate the importance of fluff. It makes you feel good, helps to access and review your own trigger points on the living scale and fluff when presented right leaves you with a happy ending where the main character goes on to face life as it is with lessons learned from tragedy that make a person stronger and wiser and more forgiving, which is always a nice ending to have.

This story had a lot more layers than I expected it to have and not all issues are resolved when you get to the last page. In fact, when you arrive at the end, you, like in life, realize it is only the beginning to a whole new story, a whole new you.

My main criticism is the cover; it just doesn’t match with the substance of the book.  I know the meaning behind the cover (and you will too when you read this book) but the look of it comes across as a very young YA novel, which it isn’t, so don’t judge the book by it’s cover.

Seeds of a Daisy planted me right in a little patch of joy for awhile, and hey, I’ll take a joy patch anytime. Reading a good story doesn’t always have to be something that wrecks my emotions. Sometimes it can be a nice gentle experience; reading this book was.

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