The Dinner by Herman Koch – A Review

The Dinner  4 stars
This is one very sick twisted family!

In the first part of the novel you are introduced to the 2 brothers and their wives. Serge is a politician who does everything for a calculated reason and his brother, Paul, does not like him; that is quite apparent. Paul also does not like the place they are eating dinner at and the sarcastic humor directed at small portions, snobby waitstaff and overpriced menu items is often hilarious. It set me up to think I was in for a funny, albeit sarcastic read.

Whoa! Then comes the Main Course. And this book turns sick, in a creepy, violent crime way. And I was left thinking, oh my gawd, what happened to the bitching about food and family and the guy peeing in the stall next to you? (Yes, nothing escapes the rapier mind of Paul’s thoughts.)

As in all good families that are written about in mystery novels, this family has secrets that are ugly. And usually the ones you think are the least likely to be conniving and masterful are the ones that really are. How far are you willing to go to protect the ones you love?

I think I will pay a lot more attention to the conversations and people at other tables when I go out to dine after reading this gem.

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