The Dispatcher by John Scalzi – a book review

thedispatcher  5 Stars

This book’s expected publication is May 31st, 2017.

Scalzi writes a chilling story of how people will still continue to want to dispel revenge even when killing someone or anyone dying is almost a thing of the past. Great sub-plot of what is the value of life and if dying is really a sign that God has a hand in it.

Excellent sci-fi / mystery novella. I definitely would like to see this continue in a full length novel. The characters were great and the pacing was spot-on. This would be a great series Mr. Scalzi, hint, hint. The cop, Langdon, and the Dispatcher, Valdez, make a great team.

More please.

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Unwind by Neil Shusterman ~ A Review

Unwind  4.5 Stars



This is one book that will stay with me for a long time.  Great ethical brain-scratching how sick can a society get plot. Right up there with A Handmaid’s Tale dystopia read. A disturbing but fascinating read.

I’m was very surprised that this is aimed and marketed as Young Adult because there are some very heavy issues discussed.   Bravo and Kudos for starting the discussion early.

The plot of this book is that abortion is illegal; all children are born and wanted, but a parent can decide when their child is between the ages of 13-18 to unwind them.

Imagine being alive for 13 years and then being “unwound” (sacrificed/killed) because you are not up to society’s standards or you are brought into existence knowing that your parents have made the decision to have you “unwound” later in life as an ultimate sacrifice to help society, through the donation of your organs.

Pro-choice vs. Pro-life has come to a compromise.

I may actually up this to 5 stars once my head and heart has some distance from this book.

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