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Fighting Out of Mobberley, England – A Review

  4 Stars – seriously!

I received this book from the publisher Bernadette Morris of Bronwyn Editions through a Goodreads giveaway promotion.

It’s a fast easy read and not a literary classic but I was surprised at how much I liked this novel.  I mean, I really enjoyed it!  I usually don’t enjoy anything with zombies in it.

A billionaire selects 12 random people to live in an unopened shopping mall, fully stocked, for 6 months, and pays them richly for doing so. Friendships are formed, alliances are made and robot zombies are hunted and killed. The zombies are outside the mall and the players can not leave the mall.  At least that’s how the game begins.

The cover could definitely use some reworking but it’s what’s inside that counts.  I found myself not wanting to put the book down, wanting to find out what happens next and there were enough surprises and humor that kept me reading on. It was interesting to see how “outsiders” are dealt with and what people will do under pressure.  The character assortment is good.

Sort of like Big Brother and Walking Dead all rolled into one.  I don’t like either show, but I did like this book.

G.B. Hope hails from Manchester, England and Bronwyn Editions is an independent publishing firm.

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