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Sarah Addison Allen’s New Cover Reveal

One of my favorite authors is Sarah Addison Allen.  SarahAddisonAllen

Her books are magical and special.  SarahAddisonAllenbookcovers4

Allen has a new book, Lost Lake,  being released February 11, 2014.  Fans of hers have been waiting a long time for this one; 3 years.  3 very long years.

Enthusiasm and speculation for the cover of Lost Lake had grown so much that on July 5th St. Martin’s Press decided to create a Flock to Unlock for readers on Goodreads.   The goal was  if 500 people added LOST LAKE to their “to-read” shelf, St. Martin’s Press would agree to release the cover early!

The response was overwhelming, with over 1500 people marking the yet-to-be-released-until-next-year book onto their reading shelves, within 3 days of the announcement.

So…St Martin’s Press kept their word.


Isn’t it absolutely stunning!


Sarah Allen Addison writes: Here are a few fun facts about the cover:

*The cover is an original drawing by Rosie Sanders. She is a renowned botanical artist known for her work with apples, which is strangely appropriate, especially for those fans of the apple-thowing tree in Garden Spells.

*This is my first book without a person on the cover.

*The foliage is all native to southern Georgia, where the book is set.

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