The Silent Wife by A.S.A. Harrison ~ A Review

The Silent Wife   4 stars.


A very good mystery about a marriage gone bad and you just know it’s not going to end well. This is mystery marriage disintegrating story that is subtle and a deliciously “I don’t like these people” with lots of evil read. A chilling “these could be your neighbors/boss/therapist” read.

I really enjoyed this read. The wife is a psychologist and in Her sections much of her thoughts are ramblings on Adler and his theories and how her views of her life stack up according to these theories. I’m probably a bit biased here because that is my working background, so the observations kept my interest very well.

The husband is a man that can’t keep his dick in his pants. Didn’t like anything much about him. He was selfish and couldn’t see any part that his behavior had in totally mind f**king everyone else in his life.

She (the wife) couldn’t deal with confrontation and upset and so resorted to getting even. She is also a non-communicator and non-committer, so when long time partner of 20 years cheats, as he so often does, she doesn’t talk about it or confront him, but rather just gets even that are sneaky and downright creepy when you look back on them. I was rooting for her deviousness all the way but watching her unravel was disturbing.

This book has been compared to Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl . The only thing similar is a marriage gone wrong and the fact the people are twisted. Is this really what marriage does for people??? (No, but it does make for some great reading.)

I picked up this book because it is being touted as this year’s best mystery/thriller and all the reviews in pre-release were saying you have to read this. It’s true; you do. Excellent read.

The author, A.S.A. Harrison’s story is as tragic as the characters in this book. This is her first fiction novel and she died in April of 2013, just before it went to publication. It’s a shame because I really would like to have read more stories from her. She is a gifted writer.

Penquin also decided to release this book in paperback, skipping the hardcover release phase nearly all new works go through first in order to increase additional sales with the paperback release later on. This marketing ploy worked, because the sales have gone through the roof; it’s a very affordable new best seller release and nobody has to wait until it comes out in paperback.

Read this book people and then go treat your spice (spouse) like you use to before it all got mundane

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Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn: A Review

What a fantastic read!

I finished reading this book and thought such a wrong, wrong, story! It had me hooked from about half way through. I gave it 4 stars because of all the twists and how so nasty it was.  I love any book with a good twist!

Nick was pretty sympathetic at the beginning, but not for long. He came across as the super likeable, boy next door type of guy. However, there was some nuance that led you to think it wasn’t all just a fairy tale, and he was just a little too innocent in his own mind. Can’t put my finger on it, but I knew there was something. He had his share of crazy, too.

Amy takes the cake, she’s truly deceitful – her level of revenge is something fierce. I ended up sort of hating them both, but yet being intrigued by the lengths they would go to.

In the first half of the book Nick is an ASSHOLE and a very typical ‘victim’ of supposedly being neglected by a wonderful wife. I think it’s interesting how relationships can change so much in a matter of a few years. I related to a lot of what Amy was feeling in her diary entries – not to that same extent, but the alienation and neglect. It’s a horrible place to find yourself. Their marriage was fake, but I think many are, to be honest. I think very few marriages are the same out in public than they are behind closed doors. Not saying that’s bad – it’s just reality.

The cops reminded me of those in the movie “Fargo” and Go reminded of Dexter’s sister – crude, vulgar, but definitely herself.  I loved Go. Not quite sure what it is about her, but the relationship between Nick and his sister is very special, and I found myself laughing at their interactions.

Back to Nick and Amy.  On their fifth anniversary, Nick wonders, “What have we done to each other? What will we do?”

However…things are not what they ever seem to be.

Amy is not dealing with reality, and her lies (in her mind) are necessary.  I started out feeling like Amy was truly trapped, and that life had not been good to her – seriously messed up parents who wanted her to be a character in a book, money struggles, having to move to the middle of nowhere… Then BAM…how the author twists it COMPLETELY around? Genius! Amy’s life has always revolved around her, and she just didn’t have the skillset to see beyond.  She most likely feels that this (you need to read the book to find out what “this” is) is what she has to do.  Nick?  He’s just a cheater.

Talk about toxic, psychotic, unhealthy marriage … This book moved at a very good pace and constantly kept me wondering what was going to happen next. Both characters were self-absorbed, attention freaks who seemed to be a victim of the other. Nick rarely took any responsibility for his cheating (and of course, as most cheaters do, blamed his wife’s lack of attention to him) and Amy was just a victim in most of her relationships, thinking everyone needed to WORK just to be worthy of her.

The ironic thing is, at the end, you notice how both of them are sickly addicted to each other and probably never would be happy with anyone else other than each other.

I love the last line Nick says to Amy! Somehow I don’t think she got the last word in… Mind games!

There are more twists than a knotted rubber band in this plot.  The ending left me feeling confused with Nick’s choices and the games people play.  Halfway through I could not put it down anymore. When I finished the last page I did not like the ending but after a while I somehow made my peace with it that it actually does fit perfectly in the book.

As a lot of people have seemed to mention the end of the book and not liking the ending or being confused by it, I thought I would post this link here… .  It’s the author, Gillian Flynn, explaining why she ended the book the way she did.  It now makes sense.

I can safely say I’ve never read anything quite so twisted as this psycho thriller.  This is a brilliantly-crafted book. Certain parts annoyed me, like the ending with Desi and the ending with Nick, but just because the plot annoyed doesn’t mean it wasn’t excellent. This plot got to me, just like Amy got to Nick. This book evoked such a response from me, that it must be good art.

Gillian Flynn really gets into her characters’ heads and creates a deeply psychologically story that sometimes doesn’t sit well, on purpose.

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